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My professional engagement in the field of numismatics goes (special expertise: the Salzburg area) all the way back to the year 1973. Besides publishing several works related to medals, I was able to contribute to the organization of two coin exhibitions in Salzburg.

I am happily offering my 35-year expertise in coin trade and auctions to your Service, which includes consulting, free estimations, representation at auctions and the acquisition of rare coins. Additionally, I develop offers for individual items and collections and advise on their optimal liquidation.

My own trade's focus lies on coins from antiquity until today, as well as medals, bills, and emergency currency from all over the world. Apart from that, you can also browse for historical objects of all kinds, including books, etchings, and many more objects worth collecting.

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Coins from all cultures and times:

Coins from all cultures and times are my expertise, which I'll gladly put at your Service!

My special expertise: Coins and medals from Salzburg

Visit our store to find one of the largest collections in Salzburg numismatics worldwide. Here you see some imprints of Salzburg's former archbishops.

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Bills and emergency currencies:

My supply includes not just coins, but a variety of bills and emergency currencies.